On this episode of the Co-Conspired Conversations podcast, Myisha T. shares some thoughts on staying in the work, connecting with our humanity, niching down the journey, and more.



Jahmeer Reynolds is a community activist, the Executive Director of the Marin County Cooperation Team (“MCCT”), and the architect of the Marin City Public Safety Initiative (“MCPSI”), Frederick Leon Marcus Youth Academy (“YA”), and School to Life Mentor Project (“STL”).

MCCT provides Marin County’s most vulnerable residents with comprehensive support services which address both critical and long-term needs. 

The MCPSI is an initiative about re-imagining policing and public safety, as summarized in Jahmeer’s TedTalk: “Reimagining Policing for the Good of All”

The YA establishes a youth-led neighborhood safety team focusing on first aid, financial literacy, public speaking, civic engagement, and social activism.

The STL is designed to interrupt the special education to prison pipeline, through the provision of skilled, trained mentors who support students with special education needs. 

For this work, the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership selected Jahmeer for their “Excellence in Innovation” award. 

More about Marin County Cooperation Team: www.marincountycooperationteam.org

In This Episode, Myisha T Hill  and Britney  Stafford have a candid conversation on the issue of colorblind racism. Join us in the co-conspirators lounge to continue the conversation. 

April 13, 2021

Take Time To Grieve

In this episode, Myisha T Hill reminds us how important it is to grieve and feel and how showing up to do the work before healing causes harm and produces performative behavior in people seeking to be co-conspirators.





This is an episode repost from last year. Rachel Hollis is known for allegedly stealing the work of women around the world. This time she plagiarized the work of Maya Angelou. When called in she gave a fake apology, was called out on Buzzfeed, and used victim shifting tacts, and social media targeting to attempt to silence BIWoC.

Join Lettie, Weeze, and Myisha as they discuss the problem with Rachel Hollis.

March 30, 2021

Mind Your Mental Health

In this episode, Myisha T Hill reminds us of the importance of minding our mental health while navigating the three pandemics of racism, covid-19, and mental illness. See additional resources below.
Articles & Mentions from the Podcast: 
Mental Health Resources:

Activist Burnout Articles:

Chen, C., & Gorski, P. (2015). Burnout in social justice and human rights activists: Symptoms, causes, and implications. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 7(3), 366-390.

Cox, L. (2011). How do we keep going? Activist burnout and sustainability in social movements. Helsinki: Into-ebooks.

This week's episode Myisha interviews Jay- Marie Hill

Bikes. Bass. Blackness. Brilliance. Jay-Marie Hill (they/them), taken lover of the aforementioned, is a commitment to the work of big-upping Black women and Black trans folks in all their inherently deserving glory. Oakland-lost and Midwest-found, Jay-Marie is a musician, writer, facilitator, and queer Auntie.

Whether performing Holy protest music, managing New York Times Bestseller's book tours; leading the Black Trans Bike Experience; or running a mutual aid Fund for 'Sweet And' Missourians; Jay-Marie is a multi-hyphenate strategist and artist who shows no signs of stopping.

Their latest passions include building a Black-led, statewide Trans resistance effort in Missouri - including founding a statewide coalition to decriminalize sex work in Kansas City and St. Louis - and teaching youth about Bikes as Freedom Tools in St. Louis City. Look out for their 1st solo studio album as Jay-MarieisHoly, 5/3: More Than Magic, coming in late 2021.

You can find out more about their past works, current art and future visions at musicfreedomdreams.com.


The Trinity is back for womxns history month. In this episode Lettie, Myisha, and Weeze discuss the reality  of womxns history and how to keep BBIAPI womxn the focus this month.

In this episode Myisha shares insights on Anti-Asian Hate and what we can do to be better Co-conspirators together.  Be sure to support the following accounts & resources

1. Instagram: @Hateisavirus

2. Instagram: @aapiwomenlead 

3. Instagram: @Michelekimkim

In this week's episode, Myisha talks to Lazaro Ruiz about the importance of Trusting Black Men.  A social entrepreneur and creative genius Lazaro is one of three black-owned screen-printing companies in San Francisco.   Established By Creators is a Black Owned and Operated Artisan Screen Printing shop located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Burlingame)​ that provides high-quality hand-printed garments.  


Learn more about the following projects talked about on this episode:

ESTBC Screen-printing:  www.estbcprints.com  @estbcprints

Black Psoriasis:  https://www.buymeacoffee.com/blackpsoriasis

Hoodinarie: https://www.instagram.com/hoodinaireclothing/ 








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